My Photo Walk: Macro Fun!

October 06, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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That crazy lady in my neighborhood was at it again this morning.  She had her camera on a tripod poked into bushes, between slats of fences, and pointed up into tree branches.  It was foggy, quite damp, and she hadn't even brushed her hair.  Dog walkers and exercisers just stared at her as they passed by, afraid to ask questions, because they were sure they'd be trapped into a nonsensical conversation if they'd commented.  


Did I mention that crazy lady was me?  My camera had the macro lens attached, and strung from weeds and branches, and between slats of fences, I usually find fabulous webs glittering with beads of water on foggy mornings.  That was definitely the case this morning.


My shoes and socks are soaked, but I had fun.  I certainly did give the neighbors something to talk about.


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All photos in "My Daily Photo Walk" are available for sale upon request.


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