My Photo Walk: New Market, MD

December 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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12 - New Market 212 - New Market 2Santa's lying down on the job. 12 - New Market 312 - New Market 3Mr and Mrs watch the traffic go by. The past few days I've been in a funk.  It feels like my get-up-and-go got up and left me.  I've been sitting too much, knitting too much, and just being pretty much house bound.  I suppose I could blame it on the cold weather, but real cold weather hasn't even arrived yet.

In the past, a walk outside has often been the cure, so when the sun came out and the temps hit 50, I drove to my little town of New Market to check on the progress of the streetscaping.

Workers were putting the finishing touches on new plantings between the curb and the sidewalk.  The sidewalks in the main part of town are all inlaid brick, and although they are pretty, I can just envision the new trees they have planted sending out roots to upheave them and create new trip hazards.  I hope they designed the walks with some sort of protective barrier to prevent that from happening.

12 - New Market 112 - New Market 1 12 - New Market 412 - New Market 4These new gutters must have been pricey! New street lights line the road, placed about every 40 feet, but I am not a fan of them.  I appreciate the light they provide, and the fact that they are energy efficient, but the poles are pure white and the lanterns are black.  The poles look like white pvc pipe.  If only they were black, they would be so much more attractive.  The owner of the Santa Fe Trading Company, where I stopped in to inquire about a jewelry repair, agreed with me.  The old black lanterns that used to light the street were so much more vintage, in keeping with the look of the town.  I'll volunteer to paint a few of the white poles black to see how residents like them.

12 - New Market 512 - New Market 5 The sunshine and vitamin D intake, along with the fresh air, did me some good, but here I am again, sitting at the computer, instead of moving more.  Perhaps I'll think about resuming my daily photo walks in January, barring any blizzards.

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