My Photo Walk: The Wildlife Loop at Chincoteague

December 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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8 - WL 18 - WL 1 8 - WL 28 - WL 2 This morning I walked the wildlife loop in its entirety:  3.2 miles.  I saw a couple older than I who walked all of it yesterday, so I determined that it was my mission to do the same this morning.  Of course, it took me twice as long as it should have, because I took a ton of photos.  But that's how my walks always turn out.

I chose to leave my big camera and lens in the car, and walked instead with my small camera body with my 16-300mm lens attached.  It has a great range, and I was able to photograph both near and far.

8 - WL 38 - WL 3 8 - WL 48 - WL 4 The sun made a brief appearance during my walk, before it rose behind a socked-in sky.  The loop begins in a wooded area, where I heard plenty of small birds.  They flitted about, taking care to hide well in the brush, away from my camera.  It emerges onto marshes, where mist still hung over the water from the cold night temperature.

Ducks were swimming, and flocks of swans flew overhead.  To my right, I saw the pavers busy on the beach road.  Just before rounding the bend into the wooded area that parallels the beach, I encountered a large great blue heron, perched on a birdhouse.  He kept his eye on me, but did not move.  I was able to get a few shots just before the sun disappeared.

8 - WL 58 - WL 5 8 - WL 68 - WL 6 In the wooded area, I could hear the waves crashing against the beach, small birds chirping, and ducks and geese calling to each other.  It was truly peaceful.

When I came upon the area known as the duck pond, not only were there ducks, but beautiful trumpeter swans preening in the morning light.  

8 - WL 78 - WL 7 I didn't encounter another person during the entire walk.  The birds and I had the place to ourselves.  Perhaps tomorrow, I will do the walk again.

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