My Daily Photo Walk: Holly Hills

February 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

2 - Holly Hills 22 - Holly Hills 2 2 - Holly Hills 12 - Holly Hills 1 (Click any photo to enlarge; hover mouse over photo for caption.)


The trouble with the aftermath of a blizzard is finding safe places to walk that are also interesting to photograph.  Unfortunately, options are limited in the immediate area.  In the early mornings, the melted snow has turned to black ice (this morning).  Sidewalks in small towns are haphazardly shoveled, which means forays in the streets.  Woodland trails are not clear or are quickly turning into a muddy mess.  Therefore, even though I am not fond of walking in subdivisions (don't get me wrong, I live in one), I decided today that a subdivision would have to be the place.


Holly Hills is a golf course community that parallels Rt. 70.  It is anchored by a large clubhouse on a hill overlooking the homes.  There was a walking path next to the road that had been cleared, so I didn't have to walk in the road.


Flocks of robins were high overhead in the trees.  Otherwise, there was very little activity, since kids were in school and homeowners were at work.


2 - Holly Hills 42 - Holly Hills 4 2 - Holly Hills 32 - Holly Hills 3 It's days like this that I have trouble getting motivated to walk, despite the decent weather.  But I knew I needed to clear my head of all the projects I have running through it.  The long hill back up to the clubhouse was good for me, too.  I've included one photo from early this morning, which I stopped to photograph on my way out to do errands.  The fog lay over the snow, with clear sky above.  It was beautiful.



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