My Daily Photo Walk: Rainy Day

February 03, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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3 - Rain 23 - Rain 2 3 - Rain 13 - Rain 1 It was getting so dark outside when I went out to do my walk, that streetlights and yard lights were starting to come on.  The wind was blowing ominous-looking skies my way, but I think I found the only window in time today when there wasn't active rain falling.  I took the umbrella with me, just as a precaution, and I wore my boots.


There are two drainage ponds in my neighborhood, so I walked to each to check them out.  One is generally 90% dry, but not for the past week or so.  The combination of melting snow and rain has filled the bottom of it quickly, and ice chunks remain in place.  The other pond is much smaller, and it was merely ice covered, without much interest.  The storm drains were working overtime, with rivers flowing into them.


3 - Rain 33 - Rain 3 I was amused by the leftovers from the melted snowman in my yard; I picked up the hat, carrot, and buttons on my way into the house.  Hopefully, the snowman decor won't be needed again until next year, if the groundhog's prediction is accurate.


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