My Photo Walk: Cocoa Village, FL

February 24, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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24 - Cocoa Village 524 - Cocoa Village 5 24 - Cocoa Village 224 - Cocoa Village 2 Knowing that it would rain today, I decided to visit Cocoa Village near Cocoa, FL.  It consists of many small shops and boutiques and restaurants all tucked into tree lined streets and old "downtown" buildings.  Cocoa Village is a shopping destination for tourists, and the shops certainly do cater to them, with seashore themed gifts and art, cruise wear, and plenty of good places to eat.  
24 - Cocoa Village 424 - Cocoa Village 4 24 - Cocoa Village 724 - Cocoa Village 7 It was raining when I parked, so I donned my rain gear and took off with the camera zipped under my jacket.  I popped in and out of almost every shop in the district, and at noon I treated myself to ice cream.  When I emerged from the ice cream shop, the sun was shining.  I returned to the car, stowed my jacket, and explored more.  There is a large town "square" near the Indian River, with an outdoor theater.  A boardwalk with boat slips follows the river banks.  
24 - Cocoa Village 324 - Cocoa Village 3The Porcher House, 1916 24 - Cocoa Village 624 - Cocoa Village 6 Here is the history of the place, copied from the town's website:  

In the early 1900’s, Stone Street (formerly Magnolia Street) came all the way through from U.S.1 to Brevard Avenue in Cocoa Village. There was no tranquil little park, carefully tended plants and flowers or a charming gazebo. In the 1960’s there was an inspirational woman, a city councilperson who loved Cocoa and devoted herself to its improvement; her name was Myrtice Tharpe (1913-1982). She owned Myrt’s, a popular restaurant (where the Tulip Restaurant now stands) where city business was conducted over a good meal.

After she passed away, the intersection at Brevard and Stone was closed. The Rotary Club built the Myrtice Tharpe Square landmark to honor her memory.

Spending a good portion of the day in Cocoa Village was a good decision for a rainy day.
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