My Photo Walk: Cunningham Falls

February 14, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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14 - Cunningham 314 - Cunningham 3 14 - Cunningham 414 - Cunningham 4 Although it was 17 degrees when I did my walk at Cunningham Falls, the allure of seeing frozen falls was enough to make me go.  I bundled up well, putting on two of everything, and my bundling up paid off; only my face was cold.


I wore my hiking boots, which I was a good choice, because the entire trail to the falls was snow-packed, but none of it was icy.  This is the second anniversary of when I broke my ankle on ice, so if the trail had been icy, I would probably have turned around.  


14 - Cunningham 214 - Cunningham 2 14 - Cunningham 514 - Cunningham 5 A number of other people had the same idea I did, so I was not alone.  Couples and families, and even one other photographer, were out today walking the trail to the falls and enjoying the cold air.  One family had a couple of dogs that they entrusted to the 10 year old twins to look after, which meant that the dogs and their leashes kept winding around my tripod legs, and requiring a lot of chasing after the dogs as they got loose on the trails.


14 - Cunningham 614 - Cunningham 6 After leaving the falls area, I drove Catoctin Hollow Road, stopping in numerous places to park the car and walk along the stream that flows down the mountain, parallel to the road.  The stream was rushing with water, but ice had formed on many of the rocks.  I love how the edges get a lacy look.


14 - Cunningham 814 - Cunningham 8 Tonight it will snow again, so today was the perfect day to walk the trail and see the falls.  



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