My Photo Walk: Gatorland in Orlando, FL

February 22, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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22 - Gatorland 1122 - Gatorland 11Common egret chicks 22 - Gatorland 422 - Gatorland 4 In my opinion, Gatorland is a place everyone should visit when you come to Orlando.  It's far more than lazy gators lying around in concrete pools, but unless you read the brochure carefully and don't venture out back to the breeding marsh, you'd think it was mostly lazy gators lying around in concrete pools.
22 - Gatorland 522 - Gatorland 5 22 - Gatorland 822 - Gatorland 8 At the entrance is a large concrete gator head, with big white teeth.  It's a family photo op.  Next you pay for your admission ticket, but a senior rate is not posted.  Ask for it, if you qualify, and the $11.50 you pay is a huge savings over the normal $27 ticket.
22 - Gatorland 622 - Gatorland 6 22 - Gatorland 122 - Gatorland 1 After you walk past all of the lazy gators in the concrete pools, you'll find the breeding marsh, aka rookery, at the rear.  A boardwalk surrounds the large lake-like area, where free roaming (and again lazy sleeping) alligators are mostly on the edges, and in the trees and bushes are bird after bird after bird.  This time of year, they are nesting, and the large blue eggs of the white egrets are beginning to hatch.  In some places, you can practically reach out and touch them.
22 - Gatorland 922 - Gatorland 9 22 - Gatorland 1022 - Gatorland 10 There is a swamp walk, too, which has a boardwalk through old growth trees and cypress hung with Spanish moss.  Ferns and epiphytes are everywhere.  The water is shallow but crystal clear.  Signage throughout identifies what the visitor is seeing.  As you walk through this ancient swamp, the highway roars nearby.  The travelers along that route have no idea what lies beyond the trees they see.
22 - Gatorland 722 - Gatorland 7 22 - Gatorland 1222 - Gatorland 12 On my walk I saw wood storks, a little green heron, tricolored heron, snowy egret, white ibis, flamingo, common egret, great blue heron, cormorant, grackle, and a yellow-rumped warbler.  And plenty of lazy gators, too.  
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