My Photo Walk: Gettysburg, PA

February 05, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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5 - Gettysburg 55 - Gettysburg 5 5 - Gettysburg 15 - Gettysburg 1 My friend Norma and I went to Gettysburg today to not only walk in the downtown area, but to see a photography show by Facebook friend Andrew Smith at the Adams County Arts Council.


We parked at the garage near the train depot, and walked up and down the streets that form the "square" in the downtown area.  We saw the Lincoln Hotel, the Majestic Theater, and the old Lincoln Diner.  


5 - Gettysburg 45 - Gettysburg 4 5 - Gettysburg 35 - Gettysburg 3 We went in and out of shops featuring old fashioned penny candy, antique clocks and watches, gift shops, Polish pottery, and an art gallery.  I found lots of topics for my camera, including the glass blocks in a window that looked out onto an alley.  The wavy glass blocks made interesting patterns of the of siding on the building across the alley.




5 - Gettysburg 25 - Gettysburg 2 5 - Gettysburg 65 - Gettysburg 6 Not many people were out and about today in downtown Gettysburg.  Of course, it was a weekday, and it is not the height of tourist season.   We enjoyed meeting Andrew and seeing his photographs, which are on display for a few more weeks.  Speaking of being out and about downtown, I hope to see some of you downtown tomorrow evening for Fire and Ice.  Please stop in to the TAG Gallery at 216 North Market, to see the show and to say hello!


All photos in "My Photo Walk" are available for sale upon request.


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