My Photo Walk: Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL

February 26, 2016  •  1 Comment

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Being a "northerner," it always amazes me when I see house plants like philodendron and poinsettias and croton growing outside in Florida.  I also love the way Spanish moss hangs from the trees and bushes, gently swaying in the breeze like gauzy curtains.  Yesterday I walked the Harry P. Leu Gardens, which are beautiful.  The rose gardens and camellias are not to be missed.  Alas, the roses had just been pruned when I was there, but the camellias were still going strong.  These gardens are definitely worthy of spending an entire afternoon next time you're in Orlando.


25 - Leu Gardens 125 - Leu Gardens 1 25 - Leu Gardens 225 - Leu Gardens 2 25 - Leu Gardens 325 - Leu Gardens 3 25 - Leu Gardens 425 - Leu Gardens 4 25 - Leu Gardens 525 - Leu Gardens 5 25 - Leu Gardens 625 - Leu Gardens 6 25 - Leu Gardens 725 - Leu Gardens 7


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Amazing photos, I like that one of the silver petals!
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