My Photo Walk: New Smyrna and New Smyrna Beach, FL

February 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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23 - NSB 223 - NSB 2 23 - NSB 323 - NSB 3 Two closely related coastal towns are connected by a bridge over the North Indian River on the Intracoastal Waterway:  New Smyrna and New Smyrna Beach.  Not knowing that there was a difference, or even that there were two, my plan this morning after sunrise at Merritt Island was to head north on Rt. 1 to New Smyrna Beach.
23 - NSB 623 - NSB 6I want this! 23 - NSB 423 - NSB 4 I pulled into New Smyrna, thinking that this was my destination, as recommended by my Airbnb host Brandy.  I had told her I wanted to see small, historic towns with great little shops, so on her advice, I chose this place.  It had an historic district with cool little shops, so I parked in front of city hall and walked the length of Canal Street end to end.  I went in and out of gift shops, galleries, and clothing boutiques.  It was quite an enjoyable jaunt.
23 - NSB 523 - NSB 5 23 - NSB 123 - NSB 1 I wandered toward the marina, and spied a sign for a seafood restaurant, Dolphin's View, tucked in back of a boat yard.  I sat outside on the porch, where customers had to fend off hungry, french-fry snatching grackles.  During my lunch, dolphins did in fact roll by, and I managed to catch one with my camera.
After lunch, I drove east across the bridge, only to encounter even more cool shops on yet another historic street.  I stopped into a salon for a haircut, which is where I learned that now I was indeed in New Smyrna Beach, my original destination.
23 - NSB 723 - NSB 7This is how I want to roll! Actually, these are ice chests. 23 - NSB 823 - NSB 8 I wandered in and out of shops once more, until I reached the beach, where a "Flagler Avenue" banner stands over the road, much like on the Ocean City boardwalk.  I saw people playing shuffleboard, which I had only read about.  I saw chickens in a yard, and everyone walking the streets, except me, was in flip-flops.  I felt that I was truly in Florida.  My white hair fit right in with the shoppers on the streets.  After all, who but us retired folks can enjoy strolling small shops on a winter weekday?
All in all, it was not a bad way to spend a February afternoon.
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