My Photo Walk: St. Paul's Church in Centreville, MD

February 19, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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19 - Centreville 219 - Centreville 2 19 - Centreville 419 - Centreville 4 In my experience, St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Centreville, Maryland, is different than most churches in that it doesn't lock its doors when services are not in session.  This small, historic church was founded in 1694, and the cornerstone for the present church was laid in 1834.  I had  been inside this church back in 2013 in my first year of photo walking, so I knew that it was not only beautiful, but that it has seven Tiffany windows and that work on the chancel was done by Gorham & Company of New York.

When I opened the door today, organ music filled the air.  The organist was practicing for Sunday's service.  Norma and I asked her for permission to photograph the interior of the church, and she asked that we inquire at the church office, which we did.  Permission was granted.

19 - Centreville 319 - Centreville 3 19 - Centreville 119 - Centreville 1 The Tiffany windows are behind the altar, and there is an alarm system that is activated to protect them if anyone should approach beyond the warning sign.  However, during the organ practice, the alarm was off and the sign was moved, so that we could take photos.  The organ pipes are also beautiful; they are located to the right of the chancel.

At the time, I did not plan ahead to make this my photo walk, so I neglected to take a photo of the outside of this beautiful church.  I found a painting online, which I have included here.  The artist was not identified.

If you get a chance to visit Centreville, stop by this church.  It's worth a visit.

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