My Daily Photo Walk: Love is in the Air!

March 08, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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8 - Lilypons 18 - Lilypons 1 8 - Lilypons 28 - Lilypons 2 What a beautiful day!  I had absolutely no excuse not to get out and do a photo walk, so I chose Lily Pons, mostly to see if there was any nesting activity going on in the big sycamore where the great blue herons have nested in years past.  For some reason, they abandoned the nests last year, but I am hopeful that they will return.


No great blues were nesting today, and in fact, I only saw one who flew away before I could get a photo.  I walked all around, seeing red winged blackbirds, swallows, a mockingbird, a pair of mallards, and about a dozen Canada geese.  It really was very quiet, wildlife wise, at Lilypons.


8 - Lilypons 48 - Lilypons 4 8 - Lilypons 58 - Lilypons 5 However, the snapping turtles were doing some rolling around in the water together, occasionally sticking a head up for air.  I found a couple of large single snappers, too, taking advantage of a swim around or a bask in the sun.


Today I was using a camera I rarely use, to see if I want to keep it or to sell it.  It is one of those super zooms, 42X.  It does a good job with the zoom if you have it on a tripod.  Otherwise, the zoom at its maximum tends to magnify any movement on my part.  But it also does not have features I have come to love in a camera, such as moving the focal point around, shooting in RAW, viewing the histogram after a shot, or an articulated screen.  The viewfinder is also very tiny.  I've decided it will leave my inventory and hopefully go to a beginner who will be happy to use its automatic features and be thrilled with the zoom.  


8 - Lilypons 38 - Lilypons 3 8 - Lilypons 68 - Lilypons 6 After all, if you are going on a photo walk, you don't to have to lug a tripod, and you do want to be able to check your shots for proper exposure.  At least, I do.  And today, my camera was not able to meet my demands, even if the shots turned out to be fine.


All photos in "My Daily Photo Walk" are available for sale upon request.


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