My Photo Walk: Are the Bluebells Ready?

March 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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29 - Bluebells 129 - Bluebells 1 29 - Bluebells 229 - Bluebells 2Most were tight buds. Today I visited one of my favorite places to photograph Virginia bluebells along the Monocacy River.  It's still a little early, and the day was breezy and chilly, but I took a good long walk, hoping to not only check on the bluebells, but to see if I could spot any other wildflowers, like Dutchman's breeches or trout lilies.


The place I love to find bluebells is at Riverside Park by the Walmart near the intersection of Rt. 26 and Monocacy Blvd in Frederick.  The park has soccer fields and a boat ramp, as well as a paved walking/biking path that parallels the river.  Once you park in the lot, follow the paved path by walking under the bridge that carries Monocacy Blvd overhead.


29 - Bluebells 429 - Bluebells 4 29 - Bluebells 529 - Bluebells 5 While walking the path, you can see an island to your right, which seems inaccessible, until you cross over a drainage area filled with large rocks that is some distance along the path.  After the drainage area, take the footpath to the right and follow it until you see the end of the island on your right.  Down the dirt path to your right will be a small wooden planked walkway that you can use to cross over to the island.  It is on the island where the bluebells are abundant.


The bluebells were in tight buds on the east side of the island, but I circled the entire island, and on the west side, a few were in bloom.  In a week or so, there will be knee-high blue everywhere.  Today I did not find any of the aforementioned wildflowers, but I did see violets, spring beauties, purple hensbit, and carpet upon carpet of lesser celandine, an invasive species that is taking over.  It carpets the ground on either side of the path and drapes itself down the banks of the river.  It will soon be in full bloom, covered with yellow flowers.


29 - Bluebells 329 - Bluebells 3 The Monocacy is an amazing river.  It floods every year when heavy rains come, but the wildflowers seem to recover and bloom each year, reminding us that spring is a time of renewal.  Hopefully, in about a week, we will all be treated to a bluebell bonanza.


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