My Photo Walk: Florence, Arizona

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22 - Florence 322 - Florence 3The most unusual hardware store in Arizona 22 - Florence 522 - Florence 5The current courthouse Almost the entire town of Florence, Arizona, is on the National Register of Historic Sites.  The brown "historic district" sign lured me in from the highway on my travels from Tucson back to Phoenix.  I just can't resist those signs.


When I arrived around 9:00 in the morning, all was quiet in this small town.  Businesses were just beginning to open their doors.  The old-timers who like to sit on benches under the shade of awnings, keeping an eye on all town doings, were just beginning to settle into their places.


22 - Florence 722 - Florence 7Celebrating 150 years 22 - Florence 122 - Florence 1Why do they need so many fancy hats in Florence? I should have asked. I found easy parking on the street and walked from one end of the town to the other.  Numerous old adobe-style buildings had historical markers attached to the sides, indicating which were originally private homes, the town jail, the old courthouse, the town's hotel, etc.  All of these buildings were now finding other uses, such as the original town hall/police station, which now houses a copper shop.


22 - Florence 622 - Florence 6 22 - Florence 222 - Florence 2 Florence boasts the most unusual hardware store in Arizona, and it may well be one of the most unusual in the U.S.  It's billed as a True Value hardware, but it is much more than that.  Inside are historical displays, cases of jewelry, racks of clothing, a wall of very fancy hats, a talking dummy that is triggered by motion (he tells about the store's history), as well as the usual hardware fare.  The people inside were very friendly and used to tourists asking questions.


The original courthouse is now a museum and visitor center; the old hotel houses clothing shops; the sidewalks have been given a thorough streetscaping treatment, and the town has a definite "old time" flair without being touristy.  Lots of history and interesting things happened in Florence, if you read what's at this link:  History.


22 - Florence 422 - Florence 4 22 - Florence 822 - Florence 8Former police station turned copper shop. As I left town, the old-timers were firmly in place, keeping  an eye on a newcomer like me.  They nodded as I passed, assured that I had not disturbed the peace.  Another day was underway in Florence, Arizona.



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