My Photo Walk: Signal Hill Petroglyphs

March 18, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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18 - Signal Hill 118 - Signal Hill 1 Signal Hill is a large pile of rocks at a picnic area in Saguaro National Forest near Tucson, Arizona.  Stone steps, courtesy of the Civilian Conservation Corps workers, were created up the hill in 1934, along with the stone picnic pavilions at this part of the park.  At the top of the hill are petroglyphs created by the prehistoric Hohokam people.
18 - Signal Hill 218 - Signal Hill 2 18 - Signal Hill 318 - Signal Hill 3 I was with my photography group trip, and our leader Gordon volunteered to lead the way up the rocky hill, in order to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes, who love rocky hills.  At first, that was enough to keep me from joining the group.  I don't react well to insect bites, and I knew that a snake bite would be much worse, if not deadly.  
18 - Signal Hill 518 - Signal Hill 5 18 - Signal Hill 718 - Signal Hill 7 I stayed around the picnic area with a couple of others, but when Larry from our group returned to the car so that he could get the right lens for photographing the red blooms on a cholla cactus, I climbed the steps along with him, and I discovered that it was much easier than it looked from down below.  Besides, all the rattlesnakes were probably hiding from the 20 people who had already made their way to the top.
18 - Signal Hill 618 - Signal Hill 6 18 - Signal Hill 818 - Signal Hill 8 The view of the saguaro trees and distant mountains was good from the top of the hill.  The late afternoon sun lit the cholla blossoms nicely.  Near sunset, we all returned to the parking area to try to find a good place to photograph silhouettes of the trees as the sun dipped behind the mountains, but it wasn't easy to find a good spot that wasn't obscured by bushes.  The sky turned a dustyl orange for a brief period, and the desired clouds every photographer loves were nowhere to be found.
18 - Signal Hill 418 - Signal Hill 4 Still, I'm glad I saw the petroglyphs, the red cholla flowers, and no rattlesnakes.
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