My Photo Walk: Tucson's "Old Town" Neighborhood, the Barrio Viejo

March 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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16 - Barrio Viejo 116 - Barrio Viejo 1 16 - Barrio Viejo 416 - Barrio Viejo 4 If you Google Tucson photo opportunities, one that rises to the top is to visit the neighborhoods with old adobe style dwellings.  The information you find will also tell you that a lot of the area was razed to make way for the Tucson Convention Center, but there are still some streets left with these old homes.  Some are fixed up, some are not.  Clearly there is some "gentrification" going on, judging from the custom metal work on the gates, the yard sculptures and landscaping, and the expensive cars parked out front of a few of the homes.
16 - Barrio Viejo 216 - Barrio Viejo 2Detail on metal window bars 16 - Barrio Viejo 516 - Barrio Viejo 5 Speaking of cars, there were lots of great little houses I wanted to photograph straight on, but as with any city neighborhood, cars were snuggled up almost to the front doors, hugging the sidewalks.  In some places the sidewalks were reduced to rubble, but the streets were wide and it was easy to navigate.
16 - Barrio Viejo 816 - Barrio Viejo 8 16 - Barrio Viejo 916 - Barrio Viejo 9 I parked at the Children's Museum, as suggested online, and walked the several blocks to the streets with the adobes.  Once I found them, I wandered up and down a number of the streets, finding lots of great photo opportunities.  I don't know what the people who live in these homes think of the tourists, but I only saw a few out and about.
16 - Barrio Viejo 616 - Barrio Viejo 6 16 - Barrio Viejo 716 - Barrio Viejo 7 It was hot, the sky was a clear blue, and there was no shade to be found.  I was happy I had worn my hat, applied sunscreen, and had cold water waiting for me back in the car.  I was in my element, walking an historic district.  A Tuscon photo opp it surely was, especially for me.
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