My Photo Walk: Bluebells at Worthington Farm

April 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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2 - BB 42 - BB 4 2 - BB 52 - BB 5 2 - BB 62 - BB 6 One of my favorite places to walk is along the Ford Loop at Worthington Farm, part of the Monocacy National Battlefield.  This Civil War farmhouse was the scene of some serious fighting, but today it is a peaceful place where we can enjoy nature.


The Ford Loop is listed as 1.6 miles long, and the first half of it parallels the river.  After that, it parallels the fields where cows graze.  I wanted to check on the status of the bluebells along the river today.  They are a little early, but today's rainy weather cleared up, and with the promise of frost and even snow the rest of the weekend, I didn't want to miss them if they were in bloom.


2 - BB 72 - BB 7 2 - BB 12 - BB 1 As with the bluebells at Riverside Park, there did not seem to be as many this year.  The masses of blue were more like small clumps, here and there.  But they did not disappoint.  I also saw spring beauty and Star of Bethlehem.  


Next week will be quite cold, and I hope the bluebells will still be there, and not harmed by the frost.  I'll do one more check on Riverside Park next week.  Enjoy!

2 - BB 22 - BB 2 2 - BB 32 - BB 3


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