My Photo Walk: Historic Yates Mill

April 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

19 - Yates 319 - Yates 3 19 - Yates 419 - Yates 4 (Click any photo to enlarge; hover mouse over photo for caption.)

I am visiting in Cary, North Carolina, with my friend Jan.  Yesterday we went to the Yates Mill, which is a beautiful county park.  The mill itself was built in 1756, and it is the last surviving grist mill in Wake County.  
19 - Yates 119 - Yates 1 19 - Yates 519 - Yates 5 When we arrived, a class of plein air painters was surrounding the mill.  Large sloping rocks face the mill, where some of the painters had set up.  The still day and warm weather made for great painting conditions.
After chatting with the artists, we walked the entire path around the lake, hearing frogs and birds, spying turtles and lizards.  A Canada goose was sitting on her nest by the water.
19 - Yates 219 - Yates 2 19 - Yates 619 - Yates 6 This park is popular with photographers who bring clients here for portraits.  Today it was a magnet for artists and walkers like us.
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