My Photo Walk: It's Lilypons Time Again!

June 12, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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12 - Lilypons 312 - Lilypons 3 12 - Lilypons 212 - Lilypons 2 Although any season is a great time to visit Lilypons, summer is when the water lilies reach peak bloom, soon to be followed by the lotus.  Norma and I walked around this morning, seeking water lilies and frogs, and we wanted to check on the progress of the lotus.  Only a few lotus in the sale area were in bloom.  The large ponds have a few weeks to go.


12 - Lilypons 412 - Lilypons 4 12 - Lilypons 512 - Lilypons 5 We were fascinated by the water tanks holding live fish for sale; the green plastic roof reflected on the water in some of the tanks, and with the bubbles floating by, great abstract images were possible.  After the fish tanks, we visited the koi pond, where fish at least 15" long came to see if we had food.


12 - Lilypons 612 - Lilypons 6 12 - Lilypons 112 - Lilypons 1 We found a frog who patiently posed.  A nearby snake slithered into the growth near the raised water ponds under the trees.


This will be the first of many visits this season, I am sure.  Lilypons is always a favorite location for both a walk and for photos.



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