My Photo Walk: Chillicothe, Ohio

July 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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15 - Chillicothe 415 - Chillicothe 4The courthouse where the trial was taking place. 15 - Chillicothe 115 - Chillicothe 1 Before I got to Chillicothe, an Ohio town along Rt. 50, I wondered how to pronounce its name.  
It reminded me of the joke about the couple who argued all the way to Florida about how to pronounce Kissimmee.  Upon entering the city limits, the man stormed out of the car and into a fast food place, where he collared a hapless cashier, fiercely saying,"I have something very important I need you to do.  Very slowly, and very clearly, I need you to pronounce the name of this place!"  The cashier, scared witless, looked at the aggravated man and said, "Mac-Don-alds."  
Not wanting some poor cashier to meet the same fate, I turned on the radio and lucked into a local station that gave the weather forecast for Chillicothe.  It rhymes with Chill-a-coffee.  Just substitute the "th" sound for the "ff" in coffee.  Now you know!
15 - Chillicothe 215 - Chillicothe 2You don't see these too often anymore. Chillicothe is the county seat, and a large courthouse building occupies downtown.  As I was walking along its wide, tree-lined streets, I noticed news stations with video cameras on tripods set up outside the courthouse.  I asked someone waiting with me for the light to change at an intersection why they were there.  He said that the jury had just gone into deliberation on a big murder trial.  Apparently, the defendant was declared guilty a few hours after I left town.  Here is a link to the trial and the verdict
15 - Chillicothe 315 - Chillicothe 3 15 - Chillicothe 515 - Chillicothe 5 This downtown was fairly large, with a lot of stores supported by the people who work there, as well as the tourists who come to the area to visit the Native American sites nearby.  There is also a branch of Ohio University here, as well as an audio engineering school.
After leaving Chillicothe, I decided to head south to the Kentucky border, to avoid rush hour traffic around Cincinnati.  I found the last motel room in Aberdeen, on the Ohio River.  There's a big bass fishing tournament tomorrow, and I am the only non-fisherman here, I'm sure.  
Tomorrow I'll continue on my way to St. Louis, hoping to find another great place for a photo walk.  
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