My Photo Walk: Edwardsville, Illinois

July 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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20 - Edwardsville 220 - Edwardsville 2 20 - Edwardsville 620 - Edwardsville 6This fellow was over the top of a frozen foods business. Things are going well here at Scott AFB near Belleville, Illinois.  My daughter Lauren and I are here in base lodging while we look for a house for her to buy in the area.  We've seen some great options and are working out the details.  
This part of Illinois looks a lot like the Eastern Shore of Maryland, minus the water.  There are farms, cornfields, soybean fields, and small towns along Rt. 50, which also runs through Belleville.  It's hard to believe that St. Louis, MO, is only 30 minutes away.
20 - Edwardsville 820 - Edwardsville 8The marshy area at the Watershed. See the kingfisher? 20 - Edwardsville 520 - Edwardsville 5Blue dragonfly Today I explored Edwardsville, north of here.  It's a county seat, so it has a busy-ish downtown, with a few people walking around in professional dress on a very hot, steamy day.  Just outside of Edwardsville is the Watershed Nature Center, so I started my walk there.  The nature center was closed, but there was a marshy area with turtles and frogs, cattails, "marsh-mallows," and lots of bird life.  
20 - Edwardsville 120 - Edwardsville 1 20 Edwardsville 420 Edwardsville 4 Next I returned to town and walked up and down Main Street, finding various stores, restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes.  There was an import store, a dog treat/accessory store, a camera store (yay!), an old theater, and a clothing store.  Of course there were the usual professional office, such as a funeral home, doctor's offices, and lawyer's offices.  My favorite was the "The Stagger Inn Again," which ranks for bar names right up there with "Dew Drop Inn" and "The Buzzard's Rest."
I talked to the clerk in the camera shop, who told me a "back roads" way to get back to base, which I took.  I found a great roadside produce stand, with scales to weigh your purchase (I bought tomatoes), and a money box for the honesty system.  I paid.
20 - Edwardsville 320 - Edwardsville 3 It's five o'clock here on base, and the loudspeakers are playing "Retreat," followed by the "Star Spangled Banner."  They do this every evening.  Makes me feel proud each time to be an Air Force Mom.
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