My Photo Walk: Madison, Indiana

July 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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16 - Madison 116 - Madison 1 16 - Madison 216 - Madison 2 Last night, in my effort to avoid a city, especially at rush hour, I probably added four more hours to my trip.  At Athens, Ohio, I drove south until I reached Aberdeen, a town on the Ohio River, where I found the last motel room for the night.  This morning, I drove across the river to Marysville, Kentucky, and then headed west through various back roads, to finally reach another bridge at Milton, which took me back across the river to Madison, Indiana.
The ride along the country roads was chock full of great photo ops, but the problem is, the roads are full of hills and blind curves, with no shoulders at all.  It's unsafe to stop the car in the middle of the road for a photo, when a car or truck might come barreling over the ridge and take you out.  Therefore, I decided just to enjoy the scenery, which was beautiful.
16 - Madison 316 - Madison 3 16 - Madison 416 - Madison 4 At Madison, I discovered quite the downtown area.  I traveled through at least five blocks before deciding to stop and park.  I was hungry and in much need of a walk.
I started at the public library, which is a great place for bathrooms and information.  A friendly local couple advised me on where to go to find lunch, and they shared some of their memories of back roads tripping with me.  A farmer's market was just wrapping up at the town fountain.
There is so much more to Madison than I had time to cover today.  According to my research, 133 blocks of town are considered a National Historic Landmark!  In addition to the wide main street lined with businesses and restaurants, there is a beautiful waterfront as well, that I did not get to walk today.  Nor was I able to cover any of the charming residential streets.  I could have spent a week in this place.
16 - Madison 516 - Madison 5 16 - Madison 716 - Madison 7 I walked for about 30 minutes, stopping in and out of a few of the shops, and found lunch, too.  Then I had to leave this pretty town behind to continue my journey to Illinois.  Adding extra hours to the trip was worth it, now that I know about Madison.  I hope to visit it again!
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