My Photo Walk: Sulphur Springs, Texas

September 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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1 - Sulphur Springs 51 - Sulphur Springs 5 1 - Sulphur Springs 11 - Sulphur Springs 1 "Smile, and the world smiles with you..."  Nat King Cole was crooning from the speakers lining the streets of Sulphur Springs, Texas, on this warm September evening.  I was smiling, too, because the town was very inviting, the rain had stopped, and there was still some daylight left for me to enjoy discovering a new place.  
1 - Sulphur Springs 41 - Sulphur Springs 4 After driving all day, it was great to be able to walk in one of my favorite places, a historic district.  This beautiful little town has a checkerboard theme.  The downtown area is dominated by the pink granite courthouse, and its checkerboard frieze was echoed in the brick lined streets and sidewalks.  In the park in front of the courthouse were large chess and checkerboard pieces for people to play with, as well as small tables and chairs for two, all with checkerboard tile tops.
1 - Sulphur Springs 21 - Sulphur Springs 2 1 - Sulphur Springs 31 - Sulphur Springs 3 A flock of white pigeons formed a murmuration, and they cruised from the church spires to the courthouse, flew low over the war memorial and its row of flags, and then over the park and back, circling in synchronized harmony over my head.  Dean Martin and Bing Crosby sang from the speakers.  I tried getting lots of shots, but soon I just had to quit and watch and listen, especially once a rainbow appeared.  It was just a wonderful sight.
1 - Sulphur Springs 61 - Sulphur Springs 6 Afterwards, I found small restaurants, antiques shops, clothing boutiques, and other small businesses along the tree-lined streets bordering the square, although the shops were closed.  Restaurants had a fairly good flow of customers, including me.  I got carryout to bring back to the hotel for our dinner.
I'm on a road trip from San Antonio to Belleville, Illinois, traveling with my daughter in her car, and her three bulldogs in my rented SUV.  It was great to find a new place to take a photo walk tonight, a welcome respite from all the driving.
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