My Photo Walk: The Great Frederick Fair

September 20, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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20 - GFF - 120 - GFF - 1 20 - GFF 220 - GFF 2 Who doesn't love the fair?  This is the last week for The Great Frederick Fair, and Monday through Wednesday, admission is free for seniors 65 and older up until 3 p.m.  So, what better place could I have chosen for a photo walk today than the fair?


Kids were all over the place, wearing elementary school T-shirts and chaperoned by teachers and parents.  So basically, it was us seniors and tons of kids under 10 at the fair this morning.  Food vendors were just beginning to open up; the midway is closed until much later in the afternoon.


20 - GFF 320 - GFF 3 20 - GFF 620 - GFF 6 I wandered through the usual exhibits, seeing the chickens, canned goods, tomatoes, pumpkins, and commercial vendors.  It was muggy and humid, but I got a good walk in.  Thursday night I'll return for some night photography fun with the lights.


Enjoy my pix!


20 - GFF 420 - GFF 4 20 - GFF 520 - GFF 5 20 - GFF 720 - GFF 7 20 - GFF 820 - GFF 8

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