The Audubon Sanctuary: My New Personal Project

July 14, 2017  •  4 Comments

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I have embarked on a new personal project that combines my love of walking, nature, and photography.  A few miles from my home is the Fred Archibald Audubon Sanctuary, which is owned and maintained by the Audubon Society of Central Maryland.

My goal with this project is to bring attention to the sanctuary by walking it as often as I can and capturing the beauty and diversity of its wildlife, insect life, and plants.  It will evolve over time, but I intend to find ways that this project can benefit the sanctuary and others like it.

As always, I love to teach both my readers and myself something in each blog entry by including information about nature, history, photography, and science. Today's lesson is Who Was Fred Archibald, the man for whom the sanctuary is named?  He generously donated his New Market farm to us so that we and future generations may enjoy it for years to come.

Come join me on a walk sometime, and we'll enjoy the sanctuary together!

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July 14 - 1A hummingbird moth reminds me of a flying crawfish! July 14 - 2A jeweled bead of water graces a blade of grass. July 14 - 3Cabbage White butterfly July 14 - 4Widow skimmer dragonfly July 14 - 5A field sparrow eyes me from a distance. July 14 - 6The last flowering milkweed plant drew a crowd! July 14 - 7Mullein plants have medicinal properties. July 14 - 8A widow skimmer gleams copper in the sun. July 14 - 9Can a widow skimmer detach its head? July 14 - 10This fawn was curious about what was happening on the other side. July 14 - 11This is what was happening on the other side! July 14 - 12Time to skedaddle! July 14 - 13A perfect yellow swallowtail enjoys wild bergamot. July 14 - 14Another hummingbird moth on wild bergamot. There were many seen this morning.


Beautiful pictures! I tend to some of the nesting boxes at FAAS once a week, and these capture the surroundings beautifully!
Diane McCauley(non-registered)
Can ad your norm these are beautiful images ... wish it was closer to my house I would love to get there some the meantime I will just read your great blog and enjoy your pics!!!
Cam's Camera Shots
Jane, that was a good question. I have my camera set so that the focal point is small, and I try to place it on the eye of whatever I shoot. That really helps to get insects and birds in focus. I can also move the focal point around.

I use the histogram on the back of the camera to check for exposure, too. If it's too dark, I adjust to brighten the shot, and vice versa.

I also had the camera on "burst" mode in case something flew or ran, so that I could take multiple shots and hope that one was good. Altogether I took 291 shots this morning, primarily because of burst. So, out of 291, it's pretty easy to narrow it down to 10 good shots.
Thank goodness film days are over, or I'd be out of luck.

I'm glad you enjoyed the photos. Many more to come!

Jane Smith(non-registered)
Cam, do you know when you take the picture that it is a good shot or not? or do you wait until you put them on the computer and say WOW, this is great? All of these are just wonderful.
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