The Audubon Sanctuary: Who's on the Milkweed Plant?

July 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

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July 17 - 5The teasel is nearing the end of bloom. July 17 - 4Wild bergamot seed heads This morning my friend Elizabeth accompanied me on my walk through the sanctuary.  The butterfly garden did not have much action, as the wild bergamot, the main attraction, is fading quickly.  The seed heads are attractive purple orbs, but they no longer lure butterflies and bees or hummingbird moths in the numbers that were present a few days ago.

July 17 - 6It was a beautiful morning in the sanctuary. We photographed droplets of dew, dragonflies, and wildflowers, chatting as we walked about the camera club we both belong to, the Frederick Camera Clique.  We thought an outing to the sanctuary to practice macro photography would be a good field trip.  I wish I'd had my macro lens on my camera today, because there were lots of great closeup opportunities of bugs and water. July 17 - 1Water droplets line up on the grass.


July 17 - 7Milkweed bug on a milkweed pod. July 17 - 2Milkweed beetle

We saw two different types of red and black insects on the milkweed plants, which have finished blooming and are now forming pods.  The photo on the left is a milkweed bug; it feeds on the leaves and stems of the milkweed.  It will not sting or bite.  They can, however, kill the milkweed plant, which is beneficial to monarch butterflies.  The insect on the right is the milkweed beetle.  They, too, are harmless to humans and feed only on the milkweed plant.

July 17 - 3A cabbage white sips a dogbane flower. We had a good walk this morning, and now another friend has visited the sanctuary who had not been there before.  I'm sure she'll visit it again.




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