The Audubon Sanctuary: A Group Walk

August 19, 2017  •  1 Comment

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August 19 - 7Birders and their scopes. August 19 - 1Put a needle on that vinyl record, and see what it plays! On the third Saturday of each month, the Audubon Society of Central Maryland sponsors a nature walk at one of its sanctuaries.  During an "even" month, like August (the 8th month), the walk is at Fred Archibald.  On the "odd" months, like September (the 9th month), the walk will be at Audrey Carroll.  Today I joined the walk at Fred Archibald, which began at 9 am.  It was billed as the "Summer Wildlife Walk," knowing that this is not a time to see lots of birds, but there is always something to see at either of the sanctuaries, no matter the time of year.

August 19 - 2A moth suns itself August 19 - 3A cicada suns itself. Today's walk was led by Crystal, Bonnie, and Kathy, who are members of the Audubon Society and local bird clubs.  You can always tell the birders from the photographers, because they are usually wearing not only their binoculars, but carrying tripods with birding scopes attached.  The way they walk the sanctuary is different from me, because they tend to stop in one place for a much longer time, listen to bird calls, and gaze off into the far distant treetops.

Right away we saw a flock of cedar waxwings flitting about over the grasses and into the trees.  They were likely catching insects on the wing.  Of course, they stayed well out the range of my camera, but those birders with their scopes got some great views.

August 19 - 4Pearl Crescent butterfly August 19 - 5Male widow skimmer dragonfly (I think) I found dragonflies, a few butterflies, and some insects.  It was nice to walk with others, even at a very slow pace, to talk about birding locations, cameras and lenses, and trips both planned and taken.  

The next walk is at Audrey Carroll on Saturday, September 16, at 9 a.m., where the focus will be on monarch tagging.  This is one not to miss, although I will have to miss it.  Monarchs should be plentiful in the sanctuary that day, if the weather is good.  Tiny little stickers will be put on their wings, which does not impede their flight at all.  

August 19 - 6Female widow skimmer dragonfly (I think) Here is a link to future walks at the sanctuaries:  Nature Walks.  Thanks, everyone, for coming out to the sanctuary today.  It was nice to see new faces!

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Great blog about our nature walks. Thanks for highlighting the Fred Archibald Audubon Sanctuary! Great photo of the spider web!
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