The Audubon Sanctuary: Could I Pish Up a Bird?

August 21, 2017  •  1 Comment

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August 21 - 1Love the pinks in this one. August 21 - 2The "balls of light" in the background are called "bokeh," which is caused by the blades in the lens when shooting "wide open." On my walk with actual birders on Saturday, one of them stopped the group along a pathway and said, "Let's see if we can 'pish up' a common yellowthroat."  Everyone got quiet while she created a sound that simulated the kind of noise we all make when imitating a leak that has suddenly sprung from a hole in a hose.  It's a spraying kind of a sound that apparently will attract birds like the common yellowthroat, who come to see who's in their neighborhood.  For those of you who doubt that this is an actual "thing," here's a website to verify it!

August 21 - 7Dew drop reflection August 21 - 5Common buckeye butterfly Anyway, on this beautiful, clear summer morning, the dew was hanging in droplets on the grasses and sunlight was backlighting the seed heads.  I toted both my big camera lens and a second camera with my macro lens.  Both came in handy today.

August 21 - 3Female common yellowthroat August 21 - 6Male common yellowthroat I stopped where we "pished" on Saturday, and yes, it worked.  A little couple came to check me out.  It was more successful for me today because I was alone, and not with a group, who probably make the birds more wary about approaching.  On the left is the female common yellowthroat, and on the right is the male.  They know just how to hide in the leaves, but occasionally hopped into view of my lens.

August 21 - 4Eastern pondhawk dragonfly As I was leaving the sanctuary, a gorgeous green dragonfly landed in front of me on the grass near my feet.  I have seen turquoise and black and brown dragonflies, but not this beautiful green.  It is an Eastern Pondhawk, which I will add to my "collection" of dragonflies.

August 21 - 8Partridge pea is one of the wildflowers in bloom right now. Three women were entering the sanctuary as I was leaving.  All three are sisters -- one from Florida, one from near Gettysburg, and one from Carroll County. They said the sanctuary it is listed the "Fit, Fun, and Over Fifty" meetup site, which sounds like something to check out for new adventures.  I gave them some tips about what to look for, and off they went.

Happy eclipse day, everyone.

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Barbara, Kathy and Alice(non-registered)
Thanks for mentioning us in your blog. We really enjoyed our visit to the sanctuary. The birds were not as active as it was later in the day but we saw several butterflies including monarchs, swallowtails and a red spotted purple. Lots of wildflowers too. Thanks for all your tips. The theee sisters
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