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My Photo Walk: Lilypons in November

November 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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Lilypons is a great place to take a walk in any season.  The waterlilies and lotus are finished, the frogs are hibernating, and the wildflowers and grasses have all dried brown, but on a beautiful day like today, there was plenty to see.  I saw a few turtles and a great blue heron too far in the distance for my camera.  But there is beauty in the dried cattails and lotus leaves, the white bark of the sycamores against the darker trees, and the calls of the migrating songbirds.  There was a couple biking along the paths, but for the most part, I was alone with the sky, the breeze, and the colors of autumn.  I hope you enjoy my photos!

11 - Lilypons 111 - Lilypons 1 11 - Lilypons 211 - Lilypons 2 11 - Lilypons 311 - Lilypons 3 11 - Lilypons 411 - Lilypons 4 11 - Lilypons 511 - Lilypons 5 11 - Lilypons 611 - Lilypons 6 11 - Lilypons 711 - Lilypons 7 11 - Lilypons 811 - Lilypons 8

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