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My Photo Walk: The Audubon Sanctuary

November 23, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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23 - Archibald 223 - Archibald 2 23 - Archibald 323 - Archibald 3 We needed a break from the kitchen today, the day before Thanksgiving.  My sister Erica is here from Germany for her first U.S. Thanksgiving in 34 years, and although we are not hosting the family event, we are doing most of the food prep.  We brined the turkey and made stuffing, a flourless chocolate torte with raspberry sauce, fresh cranberry relish, mashed sweet potatoes, and roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon and onion and cranberries and walnuts.  Tomorrow we will roast the turkey, make the gravy, and cook green beans.  Other family members are bringing items to round out the traditional menu, and we will meet at my sister Anne's house in Mt. Airy.  It will be nice to have almost everyone together.

23 - Archibald 423 - Archibald 4 23 - Archibald 523 - Archibald 5 To take a break, Erica and I walked at the Fred Archibald Sanctuary off Boyers Mill Road in New Market.  As soon as we arrived, Erica spotted four does along the trail, who took off after they spotted us.  Other wildlife we encountered were lots of bluebirds, chickadees, and other small birds too far away to identify.

23 - Archibald 723 - Archibald 7 23 - Archibald 123 - Archibald 1 At the end of the walk we saw the horses, who always saunter over to the fence to see if we brought them any treats, and who always quickly lose interest in us once they discover we didn't.

23 - Archibald 623 - Archibald 6 It was nice to be out in the fresh air.  We'll be back in the kitchen again, very soon.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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