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My Photo Walk: Owls Head, Maine

August 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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27 - Owls Head 127 - Owls Head 1 27 - Owls Head 527 - Owls Head 5 On our trip down the Maine coast, we stopped at Owls Head State Park, where two trails split.  The one heading uphill goes to a lighthouse, and the one heading downhill leads to a rocky beach at the base of the cliff upon which the lighthouse sits.

27 - Owls Head 627 - Owls Head 6 27 - Owls Head 727 - Owls Head 7 27 - Owls Head 227 - Owls Head 2 Norma and I walked first to the lighthouse, where a group of cyclists were taking a rest in the grass below the steps, admiring the ocean view.  It was 9:30 in the morning, and the lighthouse would not open until 10.  We chatted with the small group, then walked back to the path leading to the beach.  At the beach, we photographed seaweed and rocks and shells.

27 - Owls Head 427 - Owls Head 4 Upon leaving the lighthouse, we stopped at the small town, where there is a post office housed in a Victorian home, a general store, and a small harbor.  Fishermen were working on their boats while gulls tussled with each other on the beach to firmly establish who was in charge.  The marina had great shingled outbuildings, some hung with lobster buoys.

27 - Owls Head 327 - Owls Head 3 Owls Head is such an authentic coastal village:  no trendy shops, lots of working boats, and a few small homes clustered by the post office.  The park and lighthouse draw you in, but the harbor and village are places that deserve some time if you should ever visit with your camera.

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