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My Photo Walk: Goldenrod Glory

September 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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25 - FAA 225 - FAA 2 Goldenrod gets a bum rap.  Just because it hangs out with its pal ragweed in late summer and early fall doesn't mean that it's the cause of your sneezing and red itchy eyes.  It's actually ragweed that is to blame for that.  The pollen of goldenrod is too heavy to blow far from the flowers, and unless you are handling it or are in close proximity for long periods of time, it's not the one causing your symptoms.


25 - FAA 525 - FAA 5 However, goldenrod does profusely fill our roadsides, wild meadows, and sunny hillsides.  It attracts all manner of bees and butterflies, who dine on its nectar.  Today I chose the Fred Archibald Audubon Sanctuary in New Market for a walk on a glorious September afternoon, knowing that the meadows would be filled with goldenrod and native grasses.  I was hoping to see some monarchs, who fill up this time of year to fortify themselves for their upcoming flight to Mexico.  I was not disappointed.


25 - FAA 125 - FAA 1 In addition to the monarchs, I saw the red-spotted purple butterfly and the great spangled fritillary.  Don't you just love those names?  I saw lots of honeybees and bumblebees, and even a 5" long praying mantis.  


My walk was quite enjoyable, and I hope you enjoy the photos.  Pardon me while I....achoo!


25 - FAA 325 - FAA 3 25 - FAA 425 - FAA 4 25 - FAA 625 - FAA 6 25 - FAA 725 - FAA 7

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