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The Audubon Sanctuary: A-birding I Will Go!

November 27, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

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Nov 27 - 1White-throated sparrow Nov 27 - 2American goldfinch What a beautiful day it is, and it promises to be beautiful most of this week, on the cusp of November into December.  I couldn't pass up a day like this to get out and walk at the Fred Archibald Sanctuary, now that Thanksgiving and holiday visiting are over.  

My goal was to photograph some birds today, so I took my big 200-500 lens attached to my Nikon D500, all perched on a monopod that I carried over my shoulder.  My mistake was in overdressing, because very soon I was peeling off layers, since most of the walk was in the noonday sun.

Nov 27 - 3Praying mantis egg sack Nov 27 - 4The last hangers-on. I was lucky enough to see and hear blue jays, bluebirds, field sparrows, white-throated sparrows, juncos, cardinals, goldfinches, a red-bellied woodpecker, and a downy.  Most of those birds know just how far to stay out of range of my lens, or to hide behind leaves and branches if they are closer.  I did manage to get a clear shot of a white-throated sparrow and a goldfinch.  However, now that leaves are off most of the trees, it is easier to spot the birds than in the summer.

As usual, I was alone in the sanctuary, but only in terms of humans.  I saw at least five deer who flipped their white tails at me as they bounded away, always too fast for me to focus the camera.

Nov 27 - 5Milkweed beauty Nov 27 - 6Last of the fall color My last blog post about safety in the sanctuary had over 2100 views, a record number.  I'm glad it was seen by so many, and I thank everyone who took the time to comment or message me, either thanking me for my suggestions or adding one of their own.

I hope to get out again before November is done.  When it's cold and icy, I won't be taking many chances.

<Thanks for reading my blog entry, which is part of a personal photography project to bring attention to and to benefit the Audubon Sanctuaries in Central Maryland:  Fred Archibald Sanctuary in New Market, MD, and Audrey Carroll in Mt. Airy.  The sanctuary is owned and managed by the Audubon Society of Central Maryland.  Volunteers are always needed to help with sanctuary management.  Copyright 2017 Cam Miller.  All photographs are for sale upon request.>



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