Frequently Asked Questions About Photo Tours for Beginners

Q:  What is a "local" tour?  

A:  Local tours are ones that take place in Frederick, Maryland, where I live.  There are so many wonderful photo opportunities right here in Frederick County.  By designing a "local" tour, I can stay at home for the night, thus reducing my costs, and I can pass the savings on to you.  I know Frederick County well and can scout out our planned locations the day before you arrive, in case any changes need to be made.

Q:  What is an "away" tour?  

A:  Away tours are ones that are "away" for me.  On an "away" tour, I will need to arrive a day early in order to scout our planned locations and make any needed adjustments to the schedule.  I will be staying in a hotel for the duration, thereby increasing my costs.  Therefore, "away" tours will cost more for you than a "local" tour will.  However, depending on where you live, tours may be "local" for me, but "away" for you, and vice versa.

Q:  Some local tours have Tour A and Tour B.  Do I need to take both?

A:  No.  There are simply two different dates offered for those tours.  Please choose one or the other.

Q:  Must I have a camera with interchangeable lenses? 

A:  No.  

Q:  Do I need a tripod? 

A:  Yes.  You can borrow one of mine, if needed.

Q:  Will I need a laptop? 

A:  To get the most out of this experience, yes.  However, some people have been known to bring their desktops, which is fine.

Q:  What is the time schedule for each day of a local tour?

A:  On Friday evening, we will end around 9 pm.  On Saturday, we'll be out and about from 7 am to 7 or 8 pm.  On Sunday, figure on 7 am until 3 pm.  I want this experience to be as though you had flown to a distant location and will be doing nothing but full time photography immersion until you collapse into bed at night.  

Q:  What is the time schedule for each day of an away tour?

A:  The schedule for an away tour is similar to the local tour schedule, but they are for four days, not three.  Expect two full days of work, both Friday and Saturday.  

Q:  Must I stay in a hotel if the tour is local to me?  

A:  If you live close to the tour area, you may certainly stay at home for the night.  

Q:  Are special hotel room rates available if I need to stay in one for the tour?  

A:  Yes, the hotel where we will be meeting in Frederick has offered to make a special rate available; negotiations with the hotels for the "away" tours are still taking place.

Q:  What happens if rain is predicted for the days of the tour?  

A:  We will proceed, rain or shine.  Sometimes adverse weather makes for the most interesting photos!

Q:  What is included in the fee?  

A:  Classroom sessions, field sessions, handouts, and critiques are included.  Transportation, lodging, and meals are not included.

Q:  How will we get around to the various sites we will visit on the tour?  

A:  I will lead a car procession, and we will keep in touch via two-way radios.  Participants are encouraged to ride-share so as to cut down on parking needed.

Q:  What is your refund policy if I have to cancel?  

A:  You will be issued a full refund up to thirty days before the trip; 50% refund after 30 day window.  If the space is filled, 100% will be returned.  No refunds for no shows.

Q:  What equipment do I need to bring with me?

A:  Aside from a laptop, camera, tripod, chargers, memory cards, spare batteries, and rain gear, a detailed list of equipment will be sent to you, tailored to the type of tour.