Waterlilies and Lotus

Pink Lotus - Adamstown, MDPink Lotus - Adamstown, MD Lilypons is a wonderful place to find not only waterlilies and lotus, but also dragonflies, birds, turtles, and other wildlife.  Waterlilies and lotus will also be blooming along Carroll Creek in downtown Frederick, placing them in a more urban setting for photographs, including bridges, pedestrians, and fountains.

On this tour, you will learn about flower photography, controlling light with diffusers, filtering for glare, and composing for captivating shots that go beyond the ordinary.  In the urban environment, you’ll learn how to use both foreground and background elements to enhance your shots, as well as making good use of shadows and reflections.

22 - Lilypons 222 - Lilypons 2 In the classroom, we’ll use Lightroom to import, organize, and edit the photos, and Photoshop to remove minor distractions or to combine images.   You will learn from the photos you take, so that you can apply your knowledge to the next photo shoot.

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